coconut fiber kitchen scrubber (Pack of 2)


Cleaning your Kitchen top has never been ethically easy with coconut fibre  kitchen scrubber 

Pack of 2



Do you know a simple coconut waste is used for natural cleaning alternatives?

Our coconut fiber kitchen scrubbers are made from the compostable waste, The coir fiber is extracted from the husk of coconuts which is discarded once the juice and skin has been consumed. It is considered as a waste but we use those coir fiber to make the natural cleaners to let our environment breath. Our Kitchen scrubbing pad is Made from coconut coir  that makes this cleaning product completely biodegradable. It isn’t like the synthetic scrubs that smells after a few usages and becomes moldy ,coconut fiber scrubbers  are naturally antimicrobial. The Coir Is Very Robust Yet Delicate When It Comes To Kitchen Cleaning or Utensils cleaning. 


END OF LIFE: Biodegradable and compostable


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